Your 2018 Intramural Open Captains

Join us on February 16th, on Facebook Live as we place you on your 2018 Intramural Team! To get to know your captains a little better, we asked them to answer a few questions: 1. Why did you volunteer to be a captain, 2. Why are you doing the CFBD Open, and 3. Why should others do the CFBD Open? 

Alanis. Our Jiu-Jitsu athlete who recently took on CrossFit to help whoop some butt on the mats! She’s for sure a dedicated athlete.

  1. I decided to be a captain because I take any chance I get to be a leader. I enjoy collecting ideas and putting it all together for the team.
  2. Even though I don’t know much about the CFBD Open, I see it as a friendly competition to push one another to the limit.
  3. I think everyone should join because it is a huge opportunity to challenge yourself and see where you stand compared to others, but also, to have a great time with your CFBD family.

Melanie. Our 2017 Athlete of the Year. Melanie will push you through motivation and may even bribe you once or twice!

  1. CFBD has given me a lot…strength, confidence and camaraderie. I hope to give back by encouraging my team to work hard, have fun, and strive for common goals while growing in many areas.
  2. The Open is a competition where I can see where I am! I may not be the fastest or strongest, but I may be faster or stronger than I was last year! Growth is growth and the Open is a great measure of that growth!
  3. Everyone should give it a shot! Step out of your comfort zone and give it a shot! You can develop new friendships while seeing how you’re doing! There is nothing to lose, you might find that you enjoy the competition!

Rick. Funny-man Rick has come a long way with us. He may only be a morning class kind of guy but he’s sure to motivate you throughout the day via social media.

  1. To help encourage everyone to have some fun while also testing their fitness level.
  2. The Open is a great way to see what skills you are good at and which ones you need to work on. They can all be scaled to your ability level and then you can see where you stand.
  3. You should join to challenge yourself and also join in fun. Last year, it was amazing to not only challenge myself personally but to also join in supporting others at the gym as they pushed to reach their goals. 🙂

Stacy. A CrossFit veteran. She knows her stuff, ya’ll. A great source of info for movement standards.

  1. I volunteered to be a captain because I love to help motivate people through positivity. I think it will be fun to be a team and help push each other.
  2. I really enjoy Open season because everyone pushes themselves to do things they may have never thought they could’ve. Its a “what have you got to lose” atmosphere and when you’re competing with your friends, it doesn’t get much better!
  3. You should join because WHY NOT!? All of the workouts are able to be scaled and you WILL surprise yourself with just how far you can go. Its a confidence booster, hands down.

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