The Challenge of Eating Healthy During the Holiday’s

The holiday’s are upon us and of course, we celebrate by eating, drinking, and being merry.

For many, this is an open invitation to eat cookies, cakes, pies, dips and chips, drink too much wine, beer, and egg nog.

While this is fun, we overindulge on sugar, unneeded carbs and alcohol. The result can be a binge that lasts for days, weeks or worst, months. This can result in added unwanted pounds and post-holiday blues.

So how do you celebrate the end of a challenging 2016 and the beginning of a remarkable 2017 while keeping your energy level high and staying on track with your fitness goals? Here are some simple suggestions:

  1. Find friends and family to be with during the holidays who are inspiring, active, and don’t need to over eat or drink to have a great time.
  2. Plan to have healthy dinner parties where you and your friends get together at home to create amazing, flavorful, home cooked meals. This saves money and creates joyful energy in home.
  3. Set a moderate limit on your consumption of alcohol, desserts, and trigger foods that you tend to overeat. You know exactly what those are. One serving allows you to sample yummy foods but not mindlessly eat or drink without limits.
  4. Invite a friend or family member to be your Holiday Health Partner to check in with on a frequent basis.
  5. By knowing your numbers, you have less tendency to overindulge and more of a reason to continue working toward your fitness goals.

Let’s ease out of 2016 in a meaningful way and gear up for a healthy and productive 2017.



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