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How it works:

This challenge is designed to establish a workout routine, introduce you to proper eating, and build confidence in knowing that making a change to your lifestyle won’t be easy, but is completely possible. Next 6-week Challenge begins April 9th, 2018. Register here! 

Workout Consistency

You are required to attend and fully participate in 3 CrossFit or FitCamp classes per week. Don’t be discourage to attend a CrossFit class.  We have prepared workouts specifically for you considering you have not yet graduated from our On-Ramp Program. Our members are very friendly and welcoming, and are expecting you. They will encourage you, tell you their story, and most importantly, cheer you on!


Download the Wodify App to register for class and record your workouts daily.

Proper Nutrition

Through the Facebook group, Coach Eva will provide you with nutritional guidance and offer ways to adjust your eating habits. Keep in mind, for changes in your lifestyle to become habit, you should consistently make small changes. If you have questions or ideas, be active in the group by asking and sharing them.

Weight Loss or Body Fat Loss

Choose your goal. Choose to lose 12 lbs or 3% body fat. If you are already an athletic person, perhaps shedding 3% of body fat may be your end goal. Before deciding what goal to choose, clear any questions with your coach.


We hope to see you attend and fully participate in all 18 classes, make proper steps to eating healthier, and ultimately, reaching this goal. When your goals are met, we will refund your deposit in cash.

Statistics & Success Stories

Dec 2017. We wrapped up our first 6-week challenge on the 15th. The 6 challengers began their journey in our FitCamp class and some eventually made their way into a CrossFit class.  This group lost a total of 45.6 lbs and 17% body fat! Meet a few of our challengers.


  • Words can’t describe what CrossFit Beautiful Disaster has done for me. I joined as part of the 6-week challenge and have stayed on because of the changes I have seen in myself not just physically but mentally.  I am doing things I never thought I would or could do, stepping way out of my comfort zone and gaining confidence every day. The support of everyone at the box, both the coaches and the members has been amazing and has pushed me beyond what I thought were my limits.  I successfully completed the challenge and could not wait to become a full member.  I am beyond thrilled to recommend CFBD to everyone!! Feb. 2018

    Neysa G.
  • My husband and I are so, so happy with the results. We are so thankful for the support of the coaches and the members. I couldn’t [have] done this 6-week challenge without the support of our friends and gym members Geo, Camille, Bonnie, Esilda, JP, Kerri, Eva and JJ. And the best support at home from my husband and my girls. I’ll pray to my Lord Jesus to give me the strength to keep with this motivation to reach a healthier life. Thanks everyone and keep up the great work.

    Elsa F.

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