Carlos has been doing CrossFit for a little over two years now and has been addicted since day 1. Why CrossFit you say? Carlos feels like there is something about pushing yourself to limits that you didn’t think was possible and being comfortable in that really dark place that these WODs put you in makes you a better human overall along with being able to handle whatever life throws at you from day to day.

The level of sexy that it brings, doesn’t hurt either. Even though it has only been 2 years, Carlos has a huge passion for the sport and works daily with his peers to be better athletes or just awesome humans. CrossFit isn’t the only passion/interest that Carlos has. He loves baseball, basketball, football, extreme sports and most importantly, long walks on the beach. Even though Carlos loves all his benchmark ladies, he does show slight favoritism. He has a thing for Annie and Karen, but doesn’t show much love for Nicole.


  • CPR/First Aid Certified
  • Son’s baseball team & one-on-one coach
  • His smile


  • Favorite Benchmark WOD: Annie and Karen
  • Favorite Hero WOD: Nutts
  • Favorite Lift/Movement: Snatch
  • Favorite Saying: “It be like that sometimes”
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