We offer programming

for every fitness goal in mind

Personal Training

Personal training is for anyone who needs that extra push or prefers a more personalized approach. Programming will differ from person to person based on your goals (improved physical fitness and/or as an enhancement to your sport of choice). You can expect a broad training program including various compound movements (involving more than 1 body part), functional movements (exercises that mimic day-to-day tasks), as well as isolation exercises (movements targeting a single body part). Progress will be tracked with certain exercises or timed workouts. Schedule your FREE consultation here!


Get started with On-Ramp!

All new CrossFit members are required to take a 4-session course the fundamental CrossFit movements. Throughout the 4 sessions, members will also receive 1:1 instruction on gymnastics and Olympic Weightlifting which will give them the tools to be successful in a group class setting. Are you a seasoned CrossFitter? Show us your moves and by-pass On-Ramp.


Fee: $199 for 30 days. Members will have access to unlimited group classes during the remaining 30 days once the On-Ramp course is completed. Give $25, get $25 when a friend joins you for your 1:1’s. $25 promo code: OnRamp2. Sign up here


The CrossFit class is a strength and conditioning program consisting of weightlifting, cardiovascular/respiratory endurance, and gymnastics. This 1-hour class is based around functional movements. The class starts with a warm-up/mobility section, followed by a skill/strength work, and ends with the workout of the day. Register for a FREE Intro to CrossFit class!


FitCamp classes are designed for cardio/fat loss. Each 1-hour class will consist of a warm-up and a variety of functional workouts performed at a moderate intensity. This class is suitable for all levels of fitness and can be used as a segue into CrossFit. Register for a FREE Intro class!

Prenatal & Postpartum Fitness

This personal training program is ideal for women who are expecting (new to working out and those with experience), recently postpartum mamas and those moms that are ready to get back into the gym. Our program is inspired by and follows the BirthFit methodology focusing on Fitness, Nutrition, Chiropractic & Mindset.

Skill Sessions (Members Only)

Skill sessions are exclusively for current CrossFit Beautiful Disaster members who are looking to get 1:1 training on certain movements. Work with our trainers to improve on Olympic weightlifting, handstand push-ups, double unders, or more! Each session is 30 minutes long. Schedule it today!


Weightlifting personal training package is designed to sharpen your skill on the 2 main Olympic lifts – the snatch and the clean & jerk. Athletes can expect to spend lots of time with a barbell practicing each movement from various positions with varying loads. Also, athletes can expect to perform lots of accessory work to increase strength, speed and power to further advance themselves and become more proficient in Olympic Weightlifting. Coach JJ holds Weightlifting certificates not only through CrossFit, but also through USA Weightlifting.


Gymnastic service is for those athletes looking to improve on body-weight movements including but not limited to – pull-ups, muscle-ups, handstand push-ups, regular push-ups, air squats, etc. Athletes can expect to spend lots of time working on technique to improve efficiency on each of these movements as well as supplemental strength exercises to further progress the athlete to move on to the more complicated exercises or movements. In addition, athletes will learn to appropriately scale each movement to their skill level.

Need A Little More


This endurance sports training program is dedicated to improving performance, fitness and overall sports potential. Program consist of running, rowing, biking, jumping rope, and fitness and strength endurance workouts.

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