Summer Special!

Unlimited Plan
June 1st - August 31st
4 sessions of On-Ramp to CrossFit Included
Limited Plan
June 1st - August 31st
4 sessions of On-Ramp to CrossFit Included
12 group classes per month

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Open to new members only.
*On-Ramp to CrossFit inlcudes 4 sessions (small group) designed to teach you CrossFit’s fundamental movements, Olympic Weightlifting and gymnastic, and must be completed prior to starting group classes.
Group classes includes CrossFit, FitCamp, Endurance and Weightlifting.
All memberships will auto renew at the end of the summer plan, unless otherwise canceled.

Read what our members say about us!

The amount of programs, the samples and discounts [they've] worked out with other companies, the more family friendly, and family-like atmosphere that has been created makes all the difference in the world.

Kevin T.

Home of lots of athletic normal people 🙂 If you are looking for a place that will both challenge and support you as you reach your goals, this is the place! Why not come check it out.

Rick D.

Best box in the area!!! Friendly and knowledgeable coaches will guide you through every step of your workout. No matter your age or fitness level, you will get an awesome workout. Spacious and well equipped. Pass by and check it out!

Maria M.

Love this place! Great family environment for all who want to better themselves. Everyone is so supportive and there for you as you work on strength, endurance and mobility. Working out here is the best part of my day! Thanks to all the coaches and athletes for helping me improve my health!

Maureen F.

BEST Crossfit box in town! If you're looking to get fit, but also looking for coaches who care about your form and YOU - go here! You won't regret it! Coach JJ, Eva & Carlos are all super knowledgeable & care about you reaching your goals (weight loss, muscle gain, competing or whatever!) Not to mention - we might be the ONLY box in the area with a huge focus on NUTRITION. I call that a win! I LOVE my box! <3

Stacy O.

Love this box!! I have the body strength of Gumby and my muscles are made out of jelly and no one makes me feel like an idiot for being weak and not knowing what I'm doing right off the bat! The coaches are very helpful and encouraging and I've already learned so much.

Mikelanne W.

Love it me encanto excelente trato, muy profesionales

Cindy M.

Amazing, friendly and tough great place to workout

Julie A.

The very best coaches that will alter the workout for you as needed. I've been going since they opened but have been training with coach Eva for over 5 years, she and the other coaches care so much about you and your success!

Amy B.

Excellent coaches and they really care about you. Everything explain to you with all kind of details. Stop by and join. You won't regret it

Ivan Q.

This "Box" is like a family. We help, encourage and challenge each other to be the best version of ourselves. Whether your curious, a beginner, experienced or an elite athlete, I would highly recommend joining this family. It's never too late to start. There is something for everyone and for all ages. #BrothersFromOtherMothers #SistersFromOtherMisters #ProudBeautifulDisaster

Kevin T.

Great even for beginners! The coaches and members are supportive and encouraging!

Neysa G.

Great place to workout no matter your fitness level. Crossfit seemed so intimidating, but the coaches have continually helped me work towards my goals.

Sarah B

I am so grateful for the Crossfit Beautiful Disater Family! When I first walked in, I thought I would never be able to do this type of excersise due to my condition of Fibromyalgia, but the coaches have been there with me every step of the way! They have proven to me that anyone can do Crossfit with the proper support! They have guided me with my routines and nutrition. They encourage me daily to get to the next level! In a short time, I have seen my body being transformed and getting stronger everyday! To add as s bonus they are very family oriented. This is the place to be!

Joanna O

Ok, so I never, ever thought I would try something like Crossfit. It just looked like something I could never do. I went into Beautiful Disaster for a Free Trial class and the coach, Eva, was so kind and walked me through every step. In the few months I've been coming I have accomplished so much, but most importantly the people there are encouraging and amazing! Everyone cheers you on. Come check it out!

Neysa G

CrossFit Beautiful Disaster is definitely my home away from home! My second family. When I first started, it was super intimating, but the coaches and athletes welcomed me with open arms. They teach safe scaling methods and keep us motivated throughout the workouts. It's an amazing box and community!

Amy C.

Started off at CFBD completely out of shape, with my most strenuous daily activity usually involving a burrito. 2 months in, and I have not only lost weight and body fat, but I have gained both a new activity and a new family. The atmosphere at CFBD is friendly, positive, and encouraging. I was welcomed with open arms by the coaches and the other athletes. Don't confuse their friendliness for weakness though. The workouts are intense, but very rewarding. Crossfit is definitely a full body workout that gets your heart beating. The coaches are absolute pros at teaching all levels of fitness. I started off with the On-Ramp program, which allowed me to learn proper form and technique and ease into daily WODs. I highly recommend the On-Ramp program for someone who is looking to get off the couch and get in shape, but doesnt quite know how to go about it, or to fitness enthusiasts who want to try a new program. CFBD is without a doubt a game changer.

Spencer K

Update** Still going strong at CFBD. I’ve grown and learned so much. I finally did my first pull-up a few weeks ago and I made it to the top of the rope. Two things I really didn’t think I could do within my first year. Love this gym and these coaches. I was like many people, a little intimidated by crossfit. They helped me learn how to do what I needed to do. Every workout is fun and challenging. At my previous gym, I was surrounded by orange, loud music, and what felt like hours of cardio. CFBD is so much better!!

Jay B.
CrossFit Beautiful Disaster 2727 N John Young Parkway, Ste. D Kissimmee, FL 34741 (407)201-5032